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Pittman zoloft trial

S. C vs Christopher Pittman/ Zoloft trial - SearchWarp These were not victimless crimes – illegal acts by pharmaceutical companies and false claims … Tabitha Gainey. March 3, 2005. South Carolina vs. Christopher Pittman A matter of great concern for our Society that must immediately be addressed is the rapid.

Pittman takes plea deal in Zoloft defense case News. Richard Helms retired after a nearly quarter-century career as a professional psychologist in 2002 to teach at a college in Charlotte, NC. Pittman takes plea deal in Zoloft defense. At his 2005 trial, Pittman’s attorneys argued that the prescription drug Zoloft caused him to become manic.

Jurors find teenager guilty of murdering his grandparents A matter of great concern for our Society that must immediately be addressed is the rapid growing number of children on antidepressants. Speaking for the first time at any length since his trial began Jan. my son, on his behalf," said Joe Frank Pittman Jr. Christopher's father and the son of the victims. that nht," she said, referring to the effects of the drug Zoloft on Christopher.

A DRUG ON TRIAL Justice and Science; Boy's Murder Case. When found, he was committed to a psychiatric institution. Against that backdrop, the case of Christopher Pittman -- an otherwise obscure small-town murder case that may go to trial this fall -- has become a.

Prosecuting for Pharma Mother Jones CHARLESTON, South Carolina (CNN) -- Relatives of Chris Pittman testified Monday that shortly before the youth ed his grandparents he complained of burning sensations and exhibited restlessness -- side effects linked to the antidepressant he was taking. He loved his grandparents with all his heart,” says his father, Joe Pittman. or murder, but it's not one that Pfizer, the maker of Zoloft, wants to succeed -- particularly now. And in Florida, the trial of Leslie Demeniuk, accused of ing her.

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